Why RightCare?

For your health

When you're sick or injured, what you really want and need is the right care at the right time in the right place.

Depending on the scope and nature of your health issue, you might find an effective solution right around the corner, or even on the other end of the phone.

MyRightCare.ca is designed to help Winnipeggers choose the right care option so they can get the right treatment, faster.

For the health of the system

All health matters are important. Many health matters are urgent. But not every illness or injury is an emergency.

About 280,000 visits to Winnipeg's emergency departments are recorded each year. As many as half of those visits are for non-life-threatening conditions that could be treated more efficiently another way.

When people make the right choice for their care, all Winnipeggers benefit through more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

MyRightCare.ca helps you understand your options.

Current Campaign


Mental Health (MP3)

Misericordia (MP3)

QuickCare (MP3)


Misericordia (PDF)

Pan Am Minor Injury Clinic (PDF)

QuickCare (PDF)

Walk-in Clinic (PDF)

Crisis Response (PDF)


QuickCare Clinics (YouTube)

Misericordia Urgent Care (YouTube)

Mental Health Crisis Response Centre (YouTube)

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